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Overview of the Templar Strict Observance

The Templar Strict Observance (T.S.O.), also known as the Illustrious Order of the Strict Observance (I.O.S.O) is registered as a non-profit organisation, acting as a masonic institution through the Scottish Strict Observance Grand Lodge (S.O.G.L.). Its members, known as “Brothers” or “Sisters”, aim at integrating the Templar Strict Observance based on a Chivalry Order.
The course is both initiatory and traditional. The foundations are:

As members of a Chivalry Order, members must abide by the similar strict rules common to the freemasons, including on the one hand the traditional rules relative to regular freemasonry, and on the other hand the constitutional rules relative to the organisation itself (statutes and general rules).

The Order is open to both male and female members, and we will see why further.

The TSO is an active part of the large freemason movements of thoughts, dating back to the first half of the “Age of Enlightenment”; among its protectors and prominent members, there were two emperors, a dozen of ruling kings and princes, many high aristocrats, top officials, senior officers, liberal professionals, and renowned artists including Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART and Johann Wolfgang GOETHE.

During the 18th century, the Strict Observance wanted to appear as a “re-established and renewed” Temple Order. It can be connected to the Templar Order through the Scottish branch which itself survived from the Scottish Templar militia. It is the same Scottish branch that received Baron Von Hund in 1742 and whose contender Charles-Edouard de Stuart was elected Great Master at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh on September 24th, 1745.

This affiliation by itself demonstrates the genuine links between the Strict Observance and the former Templar Order.

After nearly two centuries of little influence in the world, the Templar Strict Observance has since 1995 recovered and strengthened in clout, giving it once again the means to transmit the Christian and chivalry values worldwide.

The Scottish Strict Observance Grand Lodge

The Scottish Strict Observance Grand Lodge supervises the Allegoric Lodges of Apprentices, Companions and Masters. Masters develop their knowledge in the study of masonic symbolism and spirituality from a general standpoint. After having fully experienced the Order tradition with its intricacies, Masters can move on to the Interior Order.

Current applied rites and practices in the “modern” Strict Observance Lodges are similar to the historic certified copy of the Dresde’s genuine description dating back to 1774, on March the 17th. It was written by Frederic August Müldauer, with full power of absents and whose General Visitor was F. Aloysius Brühl.

Let’s remember that the first Strict Observance Lodge was founded in 1751, on June 24th in Kittlitz, Germany.

The initiatory course is based on Christian esotericism and relies on the traditional 18th century freemason fundamental bases. As previously stated, the Scottish Strict Observance Grand Lodge is open to both male and female due to the rationale behind the search: it considers that a well understanding of free masonry supposes the recognition of a Universal Fraternity.

The T.S.O. initiatory society has opened up to the world, accepting without any reluctance visits by “Brothers” or “Sisters” in the course of their initiation regardless of their obedience. The only prerequisite is not having been ordered out from a friend masonic institution. The Master of the Lodge will decide of the visits.

The Strict Observance practises a single rite, the Scottish Rite of the Strict Observance. As a result, a T.S.O. member is allowed to follow another different obedience.

Although the T.S.O. and its Scottish Grand Lodge do not engage in proselytizing, and are reluctant to cultivating profane interest relationship, the number of their members increases gradually and similarly across all continents. This is probably related to the many friendship agreements that have been signed worldwide, and that keep being signed, over the past few years between several instances or masonic power, and even Grand Priories.

On the one hand, the Order conveys the initiatory awakening to its members through a masonic system, and on the other hand, it transmits the Chivalry ideal based on Judeo-Christian values since its creation in the 12th century. As a result,  any believer or willing male or female can claim to have access to the Illustrious Order of the Strict Observance by integrating the Scottish Grand Lodge.

The Templar Strict Observance

The Templar Strict Observance provides the genuine follower with a remarkable and complete initiatory trajectory.

The Interior Order conveys chivalrous values and relies on a military rite. It includes Strict Observance Scottish Masters Lodges, Houses of probationers/novices, and Temple Knights’ Chapters. It should be noted that before reaching the Strict Observance Scottish Master title, one must subsequently go through the ranks of “Knight of the Sword” and “ Knight of the Sovereign Eagle Rose-Cross. Each member learns to apply the acquired knowledge, to behave with respect of the moral and chivalrous values instilled during the different steps in the Order and to respect the “plighted” word.

Top Order representatives are chosen and elected among the members that demonstrate behaviours and commitments consistent with the values cherished by the Order. This elite Order welcomes co-opted members from the clericate; It is constituted in three Ranks: applicant, Novice and Canon.

The Templar Strict Observance conveys both traditional freemason and Chilvary values. Such values, which refer to the work of a builder/funder and to chivalrous attitude, cannot become obsolete as they emerge from the Tradition.

The strict Observance Statutes regarding mores/customs/manners and behaviour

Indeed, follows an extract of the rules established by Von Hund when he was young at the very beginning of the Strict Observance in 1751. These are the rules we keep on transmitting:
The membership to free-masonry can result from very different incentives/motivations. These motivations will determine the zeal and the behaviour of the new Brother or Sister freshly welcomed. Some come to the Order, guided by a particular respect they feel regarding it. Inside, they see many wise united men and women. They enjoy it. They wish they could join this value chain.
This motive is the noblest of all.
The strict Observance Brothers and Sisters gather once a month for the regular Meeting but on July and august in the Northern hemisphere.

How to join the Templar Strict Observance:

Reception in The Order:

Financial constraints:

For your initiation :

The decoration (sword, tricorn, apron, gloves, and the Scottish Strict Observance Grand Lodge medal that would be worn at every session) would be bought for your initiation. We will provide them.

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